Lesika Safety

Occupational Health and Safety in the Widest Form

Business Goals and Objectives

Our main goal is to be able to assist our customers in the public sector.
It is our responsibility to assist clients to prevent any work related injuries and fatalities.
Health and Safety in the workplace plays a significant role in our economy.
Health and Safety is the biggest risk that could lead to loss of life or ill-health in all sectors.
Above could lead to losing professional and skilled people in all sectors.
This is where Lesika Safety comes in to assist clients in the public sector with our professional knowledge and skills to ensure that the correct safety gear gets supplied to minimize the risk of injuries, fatalities or ill-health.
For the convenience of the client, we also do Health and Safety training at the premises of the client.

Our Vision

Safety is the most important factor in all businesses today

Lesika Safety wants to become the market leader in Occupational Health and Safety Services in its widest form.
Safety is the responsibility of all and we want to be able to assist with safety needs in the public sector.

This would be to the advantage of both the employer and the employees.
This will lead to sustainable profitability for both our customers and ourselves.

Our Mission

Lesika Safety will play a significant role to assist all our customers to reduce workplace injuries and deaths due to ill-health which can be prevented by being proactive and helping customers to identify and supply the correct safety gear which is required according to our customer needs.
Good Health and Safety management in the workplace is of utmost importance.



Lesika Safety – All our employees – acknowledges that our customers are our most valuable asset.
Without our customer, we will not be in business at all.
Lesika Safety:

  • will act and assist our customers to be legal compliant at all times regarding Health and Safety.
  • will treat all of our customers with great respect.
  • will always act with integrity and will refrain from unethical business practices.
  • will always listen to the voice of the customer to make sure that we understand the need of the customer.